On Deck
On Deck
Sitting In The Garden
Sitting In The Garden
Just when it seemed the whole world was pixelating,  Rebecca and Rose found  'The Pink Pixel'.     
"Help Rebecca, I'm changing".
                    "Hang on, Rose.  This pixel is transmitting."                                                                                                                                          
Look Rose  Someone's Talking."    "Please Help US"
Grandmother says:  "Beware of The Rabbit Holes
even if it looks like Chocolate Cake.  You must take the Pink Pixel to The Pink Matrix and set it gently in the Center.  Your Mother Knows  The Way and will take you where you need to go."
"As soon as you place The Pink Pixel, the Emerald Gate Will Open"
"You must Hurry, you must not cross a certain line, listen to your Mother, its very very important.  If you cross the Dark Line there is no coming back."
This Story will be unfolding a little at a time, not necessarily in order. 
The Hall of The Elders
As You approach the Hall from a Distance You will See the Four Easter Island Heads.  
Soon, They will Turn into Masks and Then You Will Meet One of The Elders Who Can Sync "The Pink Pixel" to Charge the Key that Unlocks 
The Network That Has Imprisoned Everyone For Years.  

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