Story goes Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned? No Mobile? 
      I fell  Tower                                   Directed at Paradise             
                 H o w   F a r ?      T h I s   F a r ?
Maybe Music will Tame the Dragon
All Across The Land The Music Spread ... And New Life Sprang Forth
     Even on Scorched Land.     ---     The Farmers knew It was Time. 
 The "Keepers of The Land"  Summoned The Rains.
     They Prayed Over The Seeds and Drummed Thanks To The Heavens.
         And The Rains Came, And Covered The Scorched Lands
 The Seeds Sang                        And The Plants Sprang
The Birds and The Bikers Spread the Seeds
Soon Gardens Created Food, Healing and Natural Medicines
This is a portion of my book,   "Good Wins"

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